The MBSC Thrive license offers a solid foundation built on years of expertise in training, movement, learning and development, and business knowledge.

The Personal Training Model, Redefined.

Small group training allows for a greater, more cost-effective reach compared to traditional one-on-one training. That said, it can also be a challenge to operate. Thrive focuses on an efficient model for semi-private training and programming that maximizes the growth of a training department.

  • Cost Effective

  • Maximize growth

  • High-quality training

Pioneers of Sports Performance Training.

Mike Boyle and the MBSC team offer Sports Performance training built on a solid athletic foundation and years of expertise.

He has trained Olympians and professional athletes around the world, and Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning has consistently drawn athletes searching for high-performance results.

Why Do You Need MBSC Thrive?

Through years of experience and in working with other fitness owners and operators, Thrive and MBSC understand the key challenges you may be facing that could be limiting your success.
Get Business Mentoring and On-Going Support

In working with other fitness owners and operators, one of the key issues they are struggling with is the general day to day operations of a business. How to pay trainers, retain members, set objectives and meet goals, uphold high levels of service, and keep up with the demands each day can be tricky. Make sure there are no cracks in your business model, sales, and/or operations with support and resources from the MBSC Thrive team.

  • Facility design

  • Recruiting and hiring best practices

  • Pricing strategies

  • Training KPIs

  • More...

Comprehensive & Ready to Use Training Programs

Thrive licensed businesses can use training programs developed by Mike Boyle, a respected author, speaker, and world renowned coach. Mike, along with his MBSC team, develops programs for a training quality unmatched by competing facilities. MBSC is nationally recognized, having been voted “#1 Gym in America” by Men’s Health Magazine, and voted one of the best gyms in the country by Women’s Health magazine.

  • Program launches

  • Internal branding for the program

  • Sports Performance programming

  • Programs for Adult training

  • More...

A Foundation of Learning and Development

Webinars, events, and Q&A's with Mike and other industry leaders, provide insight to use to guide your company’s future. Staff a team of elite educated coaches with access to hundreds of hours of videos, lectures, and staff meetings at MBSC as well as on-site training at the Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning headquarters.

  • Spend 1 week training on-site at MBSC

  • Over 200 hours of online education

  • Access to private social media groups

Raise the Revenue Generated per Square Foot

Deciding on the best use and highest return of the space in a facility shouldn't be a guessing game. Thrive assists with "Pod" design,-uniting your training space with the program, giving capacity metrics unmatched in the industry.

  • More Members per square foot

  • Better Flow in delivering the programs

Does your business survive, or Thrive?

Set a time to chat with someone on the MBSC Thrive team. Discuss your vision for your fitness business, areas that are a challenge for you with management systems, member experience, retention, and anything else you want to improve. Or, to just find out more.
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