Define how to set up the program for back-to-back clients to solve the issue of low program quality in the case where a client comes in on days where they will experience that same program.

Members who are in Phase 1 – 3

This applies whether the member is in Phase 1-3 because the entire club is in those phases or they are doing the new client program. We will need to have 3 separate boards for Strength only and these boards will only be on the floor when it is absolutely necessary.

Those boards should be written with the following parameters

The program does not change, we just add volume to either the upper or lower body exercise and change the core movement. In the event that a circuit needs to sub out either an upper or lower exercise because the format of the circuit is not as simple as “Upper, Lower, Core” the following list of exercises should be used.

  • Acceptable Core substitutions:
    • Supine Hip Flexion w/ Band and Breathing
    • Short-lever Side Plank >> Long Lever Side Plank
    • Bear Crawl Taps
    • SandBag Leg Lowers >> Arms @ Side Leg Lower
    • ¼ Get Up to Hand
  • Acceptable Lower substitutions:
    • Hip Lift >> KB Deadlift (both 1 or 2-leg)
    • Eccentric Split Squat >> 2 DB Split Squat
    • Reaching Lateral Squat >> Goblet Lateral Squat
  • Acceptable Upper substitutions:
    • Push Up Progs
    • QRP DB Row
    • TRX Row
    • Supine Band Pull Apart Series

Members who are in Phase 4+

Back-to-back clients will do the “new client program” that is already on the boards for their 2nd day.

  • Pros: Simple, and who doesn’t need more early phase practice?
  • Cons: Clients might not like that it is ‘easier’ and could be similar patterns from what they did the previous day

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